There exists a great deal of contention and debate round the status of the Miniature Australian Shepherds (and the even smaller Toy and Teacup Aussies) as a breed. In reality, the Mini Aussie might be perceived as an inferior dog and some Aussie dog lovers will not acknowledge that Miniatures are even dogs at all.

Are Miniature Aussies Inferior?

Miniature Aussies as a breed are generally not very inferior. Reviews show that Minis don’t suffer with greater health problems than the standard Aussie. Both groups do have health problems such as hip dysplasia, but these are equally prominent in either group.

Unfortunately, a number of the bad press for Minis has been fuelled by unscrupulous breeders who’ve mixed breeds and bred without due regard to the grade of the dogs but simply with desire to of breeding small dogs. Australian Shepherd Lab Mix A few of these dogs may experienced genetically related health problems and given all Mini Aussies a bad name. Additionally, due to the increasing popularity of the Mini, backyard breeders have popped up and breed dogs which are inferior.

Reputable breeders of the Miniature Aussie are then viewed with suspicion and all breeders of those dogs given a bad name. This plays a part in the Aussie versus Mini Aussie debates.

Australian Shepherds and Miniatures: A Shared History

However, it’s clear that Minis and standard Aussies have a closely related history. Both breeds originated in the American West as ranching became a life style from the 1800s onwards. The breeds are relatively new and originate from a melting pot of different bloodlines and lineages, including possibly the Australian Koolie dog and the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog. The latter were brought by the Basque Shepherds who immigrated to the USA. The genetic influences of most these varied breeds resulted in litters with different size kinds of puppies. Since dogs in those early days of ranching were chosen for their herding skills, not for size or conformation. There clearly was no breed standard and different owners would breed for the dogs that worked best as herders.

Breed Recognition for the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Today, the Australian Shepherd Dog is acknowledged by the American Kennel Club together size dog only. They cannot recognize the Miniature Aussie as a variety of the bigger Aussie. The American Stock Dog Association on the other hand, recognizes three size kinds of the Australian Shepherd: standard, miniature and toy.

Enthusiasts of Miniature Aussies established their very own club, originally called the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA, its name was later changed to the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club with the greatest aim of having the Miniature Aussie declared its breed, the North American Shepherd.

How Does this Affect Your Dog?

Ultimately, if you wish to have an Australian Shepherd, the “standard” one or you select a Mini- you will need to properly research the breed and the breeder that you choose. Whatever form of dog you select, make sure that you get your pet dog from the breeder with ethics who is devoted to the breed.

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