In the design, production, and after-sales of high performance alternator products, EvoTec Power has met the highest quality standards in their respective fields. Through early quality checks on semi-finished products and sample testing of electronic parts, quality control is demonstrated well ahead of actual production, assuring the quality of the finished product at a later stage. Find out why you can trust EvoTec Power.

Core technologies

EvoTec Power always anticipates the market demand, and not only has an in-house R&D team, but also works with professional engineers to develop, research, and polish product details.

Through constant exploration and experimentation, EvoTec Power produces generators that are more compact and efficient in the industry. In terms of design, mechanical parts are designed using physical design, and electronic parts use proprietary design software to keep the product at the forefront of design.

Quality first

The raw materials and components used by EvoTec Power in the production process are carefully selected and meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality system. Several advanced CNC machines are used in the production process to process all mechanical parts, and these machines with excellent performance and reliability ensure a high degree of precision in the dimensions of the mechanical parts. Visit EvoTec Power‘s official website for more details.

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