It is crucial to consider the four factors listed below when choosing a solar micro inverter manufacturer :

Four essential considerations

  1. Technical knowledge

To make sure that your system will function as intended, it is crucial to choose a solar micro inverter supplier who possesses the required technical knowledge. If problems arise, a supplier who lacks the expertise to install and run your system might not be able to offer you the best customer service or support.

  1. Warranty Protection

For the duration of the life of your system, a solar micro inverter supplier ought to provide a warranty that covers both parts and labor. This will give you comfort in knowing that the business can respond quickly to any issues that may arise with your system.

  1. The ability to compare prices

Before making a purchase, it’s critical to compare prices between solar micro inverter suppliers to get the best deal. Also, keep in mind that a supplier’s reputation cannot be determined solely by price; other aspects, such as customer support and technical knowledge, must also be taken into account.

  1. Track record of success

It’s crucial to research a solar micro inverter supplier’s track record before choosing them by reading online reviews or getting in touch with them. By doing this, you can get an idea of how dependable and accommodating the business has been in previous interactions with clients.

Why go with SAKO?

Inverters, energy-storing lithium batteries, and photovoltaic modules are the three main parts of solar energy systems that SAKO can manufacture in its large factories on its own. The matching of solar products offered is better, and SAKO is well-versed in all key features and has a warranty covering the entire system.

To allay customers’ concerns, SAKO has assembled a skilled technical team to offer solutions and services as well as establish after-sales service centers and agents in some nations.

SAKO meets the requirements for customs clearance certificates in many markets and has full qualifications and ISO certification.

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