There are many ways to utilize two way radios and their importance in a professional setting. Two way radios can be used for things like conducting interviews or keeping members of your group in contact while they’re on the move. With all these capabilities, you might wonder how easy it is to set up your own two way radio. This blog post will provide instructions on how you can have your very own two way radio and why you should choose Inrico poc radio!

What is a two way radio?


A two way radio is a tool that allows you to communicate with other people in a relatively large area. It’s typically used to communicate with people who are outdoors and can’t use a phone. Consider carrying a two way radio if you want to talk with your friends or family while you’re in the wild.


Choose the best one for your pocket


Established in 2004 in Shenzhen, Silicon Valley of China, INRICO, a two-way radio supplier, is one of the world’s earliest and leading developers of push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) technologies. INRICO is known for its agile R&D and speed of launching new products.INRICO embraces cooperation with other manufacturers and third-party application vendors to enrich the global ecosystem of professional wireless communications. If you are interested in high-quality two-way radio, Inrico poc radio won’t let you down.


Types of two way radios offered by Inrico


Inrico poc radio S100 is a 4G walkie-talkie that has a 2.8’ HD display with a resolution reaching 320×240. With AI dual camera and touch screen, it’s easier to make an operation. Inrico poc radio S200 is an emergency walkie-talkie with a one-click SOS button and a mission-critical PPT performance, allowing for voice, video and message communication. Breakthroughs have been made in display size, audio quality, and camera performance.

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