When he arrived, he asked the assistant dean if he could work on developing a cold-tolerant citrus tree that produced seedless fruit. “In our environment we can use Wie schnell tritt die Wirkung von CBD ein?-Bermuda grass mixtures from late winter through early spring then into November, and there aren’t any other forages that really fit into that window like this particular mixture,” she said. Years following drought typically see more blister beetles, as do central states such as Kansas and Oklahoma. “It can also be beneficial to horses with muscle problems that are prone to ­tying-up or horses with equine metabolic syndrome due to the lower amount of nonstructural carbohydrates,” says Martinson.


Now University of Georgia grazing specialist Jennifer Tucker is doing her part to restore alfalfa production to the state for the benefit of both producers and the land. When implementing grazing management strategies, one of the key tools to success is using temporary fencing technology. This technology allows producers to adjust grazing paddock size multiple times throughout the year based on animal need and number, forage growth and availability.

Of course, it would be impractical to completely avoid going outdoors, but try to be prepared. Carry a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 70 and be sure that your sunscreen contains Helioplex, an ingredient that blocks UV-A and UV-B rays, both of which are harmful to people with lupus. Apply sunscreen to all areas of the body, even those covered by your clothes, since most normal clothing items only protect your skin to the level of SPF 5. In addition, carry a hat with you when you know you will be outside. Certain sportswear manufacturers now make hats with SPF built into the material, which may be helpful for people with greater photosensitivity.

Table 1: Lime Guidelines When The Soil Ph Is Less Than 6 0

As a result, people with lupus and lupus-like signs should avoid cooking with garlic and adding it to food. Of course, a tiny amount of the herb will not harm you, but try to consciously avoid purchasing and preparing foods with garlic. You may need sulfur and boron in a fertilizer program for alfalfa. Use of sulfur will probably increase alfalfa production if soils are sandy. However, use of S on fine-textured soils will probably not increase alfalfa yield unless soil organic matter in the top 6-8 inches is 3.0% or less. The soil test for sulfur is not accurate for fine-textured soils and is not recommended.

Table 5: Boron Fertilizer Suggestions For Alfalfa In Minnesota

It typically contains more digestible energy, more crude protein and calcium, and fewer nonstructural carbohydrates . Rabbits should be fed and provided with fresh water daily; hay should always be available. Rabbits are herbivores and are considered grazers, in that they eat continuously. They have complex digestive systems and are very efficient at processing food.

Its high protein, calcium and vitamin content make it especially useful in balancing rations for brood mares and young growing horses. Its palatability makes it especially popular for horses that are finicky about eating. Young rabbits, under approximately 7-8 months old, should be fed alfalfa pellets and alfalfa hay free-choice; they need the extra protein and calcium as they grow. At approximately 7 months, they must be weaned onto an adult diet, as described above, since their growth slows down.

The gag in which Spanky winds up on a flying water hose was originally used with Farina in The Fourth Alarm. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 23% based on reviews from 13 critics as of April 2020. On Metacritic it has a score of 45 out of 100 based on reviews from 20 critics, indicating “mixed or average reviews”. Audiences surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film a grade “A-” on scale of A to F. Along with first prize, How are JustCBD Gummies made? also wins back Darla’s heart after it turns out that Darla kicked Waldo out of the car, not the other way around. Spanky, meanwhile, is shocked at the trophy presentation when he finally meets his favorite driver, A.J.

These pellets serve as a rich source of nutrients for the rabbit, specifically protein and vitamins B and K. Most owners never observe this behavior, as it happens in the early hours of the morning. If you do, remember that it is normal and necessary for the health of your rabbit. Other acceptable vegetables include broccoli, green peppers, Brussel sprouts, endive, wheat grass, radicchio, and squash. Iceberg or head lettuce should not be fed, as it is mainly water and contains few nutrients. From planting to harvest, we team with our grower network of family-owned farms specializing in hay and straw production to provide a consistent supply of top quality products to our customers all year round.

However, due a combination of low nitrogen prices, insect infestations, and disease pressure, Tucker says many farmers chose to grow crops that were cheaper to manage, like corn. Although better management practices and protocols have been developed to overcome those challenges, the perception that it won’t grow in Georgia or the Deep South persists. We do not recommend the use of nitrogen when alfalfa is seeded in medium or fine-textured soils because it might reduce nodulation.

However, because Echinacea boosts your immune system, it may cause flares in people with autoimmune diseases such as lupus. In fact, Echinacea supplements sold in Europe bear warning labels that advise against use by people with autoimmune diseases. As a result, people with lupus and other autoimmune diseases should avoid these supplements. In general, it is important that you speak with your physician before taking any new medications or supplements. According to the nutrient management specialist, there are two main options for growers if they wish to apply elemental sulfur. One is elemental sulfur mixed with bentonite, which includes products such as Tiger 90.

While young, growing rabbits can eat any type of grass hay, Is Delta-10 or 8 better? hay is not recommended for adult rabbits, as it is too rich in protein and too high in calcium. “Many horse owners buy bales of alfalfa and bales of grass hay and feed several flakes of grass hay and one flake of alfalfa” as needed, says Krista Lea, MS, forage extension specialist and research analyst at UK. This can offer some cost savings if you also have horses that do fine on the less-nutrient-dense hay. With its high nutritional quality, Alfalfa hay is one of the best and most popular horse feed varieties available. Alfalfa is included in the rations for young growing animals, breeding animals, and adult working horses.

How To Soak Alfalfa Pellets

These individuals have problems processing and excreting protein and should be kept on a very low-protein diet. These flying insects—dead or alive—contain the toxin cantharidin, which can kill a horse if consumed in large amounts. Blister beetles feed on Pourquoi manger des oursons au CBD ? blossoms and might swarm fields during harvest.

Here is how the nutrition facts stack up according to data provided by the USDA. Nutrition experts have noted that “sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and, by weight, are the rich sources of an array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.” Verywell Fit articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and diet and exercise healthcare professionals. Medical Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research.

Carrots should be fed sparingly, as they are very high in carbohydrate and may upset GI bacterial flora. A small amount of many different vegetables is much better than a large amount of one food item. A pet rabbit’s diet should be supplemented with a variety of leafy green vegetables every day. Rabbits can consume as many vegetables as they want to each day as long as they do not get diarrhea and as long as the vegetables are not high in carbohydrates, as carrots and potatoes are. Introduce new vegetables slowly and in small quantities, and monitor for soft feces, diarrhea, or signs of gas pain.

Alfalfa Fertilizer Recommendations

It’s also why our quality and savings are better than the rest—and we pass those right along to you with fair pricing. This patent-pending design allows the water to irrigate each tray. It also prevents seed clumping which often happens with other convention sprouting tray designs.

Alfalfa hay is an excellent source of good quality protein and fiber. Alfalfa is a legume hay in the pea family and is sometimes called “lucerne”. These hays are higher in protein and minerals and are more palatable than grass hays.

Verywell Fit uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Microgreens Valeria can look similar to sprouts, but they are a little different. They grow in soil and only the leaves and stems are harvested and eaten. Sprouts, on the other hand, grow in water and the seed and roots are usually consumed along with the stems and leaves.

CBD Bodycare sending Buckwheat and Porky to deliver a love note to Darla was borrowed from Mail and Female. The Little Rascals earned $10 million at the North American box office during its opening weekend. In order to rebuild their clubhouse, the boys try to fund-raise the cost of lumber, $450. But the youngest ones, Porky and Buckwheat, have unknowingly come up with $500. Their school teacher finds out about the scheme, but Spanky convinces her to use the funds as prize money for the go-kart derby. Tucker says that bermudagrass is a good partner for alfalfa for a few reasons.

Rabbits need to chew to maintain the health of their continuously growing teeth. Chew toys should always be available; hard wooden chew toys and cardboard are best. Started as a small family enterprise, we’ve grown to become the largest hay exporter in the U.S. Over the last several generations, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc. has become the leading exporter of hay and straw products, specializing in Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay and Grass Straw products. We remain committed to our core values of building strong relationships, honing our operational expertise and earning respect through unwavering principles.

He had the bad luck of dying the same day as legendary director Cecil B. DeMille, and the primary news coverage the next day concerned DeMille’s passing. In 1935 Switzer was added to the already successful Our Gang comedy series when he was only seven years old. Although he appeared in nearly 75 of the comedy shorts over the next five years, he didn’t receive a single dime from the show. At the time Our Gang was filmed, television was still in its infancy, and many considered it to be a temporary novelty. As a result, everyone knew Switzer, but he never profited from his fame.

Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult a healthcare professional before using. Using these products together might increase the risk of sunburn, blistering, or rashes when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Be sure to wear sunblock and protective clothing when spending time in the sun. Some rabbits prefer water bowls, and others prefer sipper bottles. If you offer water in a sipper bottle, be sure to inspect it for clogs and fill it with clean water daily.

In a statement, the Secretariat of National Defense reported that elements of the Mexican Army in ground reconnaissance found an abandoned vehicle, for which they proceeded to carry out an inspection. They discovered that the unit was carrying bales of alfalfa, in the back and seven white sacks with the drug. For related content and insights from industry experts, sign up for Successful Farming newsletters. University of Minnesota Extension discovers science-based solutions, delivers practical education, and engages Minnesotans to build a better future.

All information contained within the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center website is intended for educational purposes only. Physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm the information contained within this site. Consumers should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something they may have read on this website. People with lupus should avoid the sun, since sunlight can cause rashes and flares. Some people are more sensitive to sunlight than others, but all people with lupus are advised to be cautious when they are outside.

N per acre may enhance establishment when alfalfa is seeded in a coarse-textured soil. You can apply a small amount of N when alfalfa is seeded with a nurse or companion crop. The suggested N rate for this nurse or companion crop situation is 30 lb. “Livestock systems are contributing to carbon sequestration, probably as much if not more than the concern with greenhouse gas emissions. Shaklee uses ultra-pure, premium alfalfa grown to maintain vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll-rich leaves. Alfalfa Complex contains no fungicides, bacteriocides, synthetic hormones, or growth regulators.

“The main feed for horses of early armies in those regions was alfalfa,” he says. It’s readily available and commonly fed, so it’s a logical foundation for many horses’ diets. In other areas, it is a delicacy of sorts, shipped in from different regions and bought a bale at a time on a vet’s recommendation to help certain horses that need nutritional support. For some types of horses—in either of those areas—alfalfa simply isn’t a great choice.

Storage And Food Safety

When just 10 pounds of sulfur per acre was applied, there was a significant increase in yield, averaging 1,064 pounds of dry matter over the two cuttings. The He-Man Woman Haters Club originally appeared in the 1937 Our Gang short Hearts are Thumps; the club would return in the short Mail and Female the same year. In addition, the scene where the gang ruins Alfalfa and Darla’s lunch date, as well as the scene where bubbles come out of Alfalfa’s mouth while he sings, were borrowed gags from Hearts are Thumps.

Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass and alfalfa is a cool-season grass, which when mixed create an ebb and flow of the systems. Guidelines for mineral soils when the buffer test is not used (Soil pH is 6.0 or higher). These are approximate guidelines based on the average ENP value of ag lime. An ENP of 1,000 pounds per ton is an average value for ag lime in Minnesota. Guidelines are for mineral soils when the soil pH is less than 6.0. Lime guidelines are approximate guidelines based on the average ENP value of ag lime.

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In the past Beth has had some issues with one of her mares tying up. Wayne Hanna, a legend in the plant breeding world, specifically with turfgrass, retired from the U.S. He immediately joined the faculty at the University of Georgia’s Tifton campus.

S per acre in fine textured soils when soil organic matter is 3.0% or less. Pure Grass Pellets Simply 100% naturally grown British meadow grass, with no added sugar. The roots of Alfalfa burrow deep to reach minerals inaccessible to other plants.

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The roots of the alfalfa plant burrow deep to reach minerals inaccessible to other plants. It’s a storehouse of nutrients, searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil, while its leaves contain abundant chlorophyll, an essential component of photosynthesis. Rabbits engage in coprophagy, which means they eat their own feces. This occurs at night, and these fecal pellets are different from the ones normally excreted and seen by the owners. They are called cecotropes, cecal droppings, nocturnal droppings, or night droppings. They are usually small, soft or pasty, darker, and have a strong fermented or sweet smell.

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Large amounts of CBD + THC Gummies might have some of the same effects as estrogen. Taking alfalfa along with birth control pills might decrease the effects of birth control pills. If you take birth control pills along with alfalfa, use an additional form of birth control such as a condom. Alfalfa is an herb that some people consume as a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamins A, C, E, and K.

Alfalfa hay is harvested starting in early spring in southern states such as Arizona, and usually begins in May in northern Pacific Northwest states. Fields are cut several times each season, up to eight times in warmer growing regions. This indicates that nutrition is maintained in the leaf and stem of the plant, instead of moving into the flower when the head is fully developed. Nutrition plays a large role in the quality and grading of Alfalfa, in addition to texture and color qualities that vary according to specific livestock requirements.

Scientists believe that three substancs in garlic—allicin, ajoene, and thiosulfinates—rev-up your immune system by enhancing the activity of white blood cells, particularly macrophages and lymphocytes. Scientists also believe that the sulfur components of garlic help to prevent and suppress cancer in the body. For this reason, garlic is often used as a supplement to combat colds and infections. Unfortunately, the enhancement of immune response is counterproductive in people with autoimmune disease such as lupus, because their immune system is already overactive.

The 2022 crop budgets were developed and edited by Robert Klein, extension western Nebraska crops specialist, and Glennis McClure, extension educator — agricultural economics. While buying organic food can assure you that the land on which it was grown was managed without the use of most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, the label itself cannot tell you whether the health of the land is improving. Regenerative agriculture focuses on building soil health and restoring degraded land within a food production system. Sprouts are seeds that have been watered and germinated to produce a thin stalk and leaflets.

They are also sometimes given prophylactically (i.e., to prevent infection), especially in people taking immunosuppressive medications. However, it is very important that you avoid Bactrim and Septra, because these antibiotics are known to cause an increase in sun sensitivity and lower blood counts in people with lupus, resulting in lupus flares. Several medications can be used instead of Bactim or Septra for the prevention and treatment of infection; perhaps the most frequently used substitute is Dapsone to prevent Pneumocystis pneumonia. Mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts are some of the more commonly consumed sprouts, but almost any seed or legume can be used for sprouting.

Shaklee uses ultra-pure, premium alfalfa grown to maintain nutrient- and chlorophyll-rich leaves. “I have three horses with three different nutrient requirements, so if I have different kinds of hay I can mix them appropriately for each horse—to get the right balance for what they need,” she says. You can add alfalfa pellets or cubes to a grass hay diet for the same effect. It was one of the first domesticated forages, planted and harvested in what is now Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan several thousand years ago. Early farmers discovered its nutritional benefits, especially for hard-working horses, says Ray Smith, PhD, forage extension -specialist at the University of Kentucky , in Lexington.

2021 Nebraska Crop Budgets , all the crop budgets in PDF format or Excel format. 2022 Nebraska Crop Budgets , all the crop budgets appear on one document in PDF format or Excel format. Noble Research Institute has come to an important moment in its history. It is time for change, and that change impacts how we will be able to serve you in the near term and how we hope to empower others to transform 655 million acres of grazing and pastureland in the long term. Our expert team of seed mixologists coupled with over a thousand different in-stock products help make Millborn the go-to seed provider for land owners in the Midwest. I can not believe some of the peoples comments about this movie being stupid.

If you offer your rabbit water in a bowl, make sure the rabbit does not spill it in its cage or soil it with feces. Fruits can be fed in very limited quantities – no more than 1-2 tablespoons of high-fiber fresh fruit every 1-2 days. The high sugar content in fruits may upset the normal GI tract bacteria if given in excess. Timothy hay is known around the world as the highest quality feed source. 2020 Nebraska Crop Budgets , all the crop budgets in PDF format or Excel format.

Alfalfa being baled for silage.Alfalfa is used as a feed source for dairy and beef cattle and can reduce the need for costly nutritional supplements when cattle are primarily feed other types of diets, Tucker said. When looking for good-quality alfalfa, be sure it’s clean with no dust or mold—just as you would with any hay. Also aim for a good leaf-to-stem ratio (most of the nutrients are in the leaves; the stems are more fibrous). “It should be a green color, meaning there are more leaves and the hay is not weathered or rained on before it was put up,” says Smith. Some horses with unpigmented skin should not eat alfalfa because they could be prone to photosensitization caused by black blotch disease, says Martinson.

/Little Rascals Comedies at The Hal Roach Studios and later at The MGM Studios. Before they died, “Spanky McFarland” and Darla Hood told me of the cruel pranks that “Alfalfa” played on them. He would later become known as “Alfalfa”, a character he played on the Hal Roach produced series of film shorts called Our Gang, known later in syndication as The Little Rascals.

“When alfalfa was first brought to the eastern part of the U.S. in the 1700s from Europe, it didn’t survive well—partly because of wetter soils and lower pH,” says Smith. Whatever your alfalfa experience, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this forage, starting with a little bit of history, and clear up any confusion about it. Stay up-to-date on the latest news about your horse’s health with FREE newsletters from TheHorse.com. Taking alfalfa along with diabetes medications might cause blood sugar to drop too low.

Cover Crops Our cover crop mixes address specific goals while still being uniform in seed size and right for your geography. We know by the time each Specialist has worked closely with you to formulate a truly custom seed plan, that’s merely the beginning. Our team of Specialists in the areas of Forage, Cover Crops, Conservation, Wildlife, Turf, and Commercial intelligently formulate custom seed mixes to help you grow beyond™ your goals. “Alfalfa” abused a lot of people during the filming of the Our Gang!

The introduction includes how the budgets were developed and the tables of power, machinery, labor, and input costs used in the budgets. The 2022 budget projections were created using assumptions thought to be valid for many producers in Nebraska; however, each farming operation is unique and therefore, the budgets should be used as a guide when creating your own. The budgets are grouped by crop and provided currently in multiple formats including printable pdf files or in Excel. Detailed information on how the budgets were developed, along with machinery and ownership costs, general variables, and material and service pricing are included in theintroductory pages 1-12. The newAgricultural Budget Calculator is an enterprise budgeting tool developed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Agricultural Economics and the Center for Ag Profitability.

High levels of calcium, on the other hand, can interfere with the horse’s ability to mobilize bones’ calcium stores during exercise. Endurance athletes can benefit from small amounts of alfalfa, just like any other performance horse, says Duren, but make sure it’s not their sole forage source. By contrast, when settlers brought alfalfa west in the 1800s during the California Gold Rush to grow livestock feed, it did quite well. “Use of alfalfa grew rapidly in the western U.S. as people realized it fit well with that climate” and less-acidic soil types, says Smith. “By the late 1800s and early 1900s we began to learn more about adding lime to low-pH soils, to make them more appropriate for growing alfalfa.

The Tiger 90 treatment yielded significantly less than the other two sulfur sources. The scene in which Spanky and Alfalfa accidentally find themselves performing in a ballet recital was inspired by the plot of the 1937 short Rushin’ Ballet. The costumes that the duo wear are exact replicas of the costumes that the original Spanky and Alfalfa wore in Rushin’ Ballet. The gag in which Alfalfa gets a frog loose in his clothes was originally used in the 1937 short Framing Youth, where Spanky was trying to convince him he had a frog in his throat. The children dressing up as fire fighters and attempting to put out a fire appeared in the Our Gang shorts Fire Fighters , The Fourth Alarm , and Hook and Ladder .

“The beetles will be very concentrated; if you find one or two you will usually find many.” He adds that 99% of bloomed hay won’t have beetles in it. Forage for horses can be divided into two categories—grasses and legumes. Grasses you’re likely familiar with include orchardgrass, timothy, and bermudagrass and are long and stemmy. Forage legumes, such as clover and alfalfa, are members of the pea family and, so, are cousins of peanuts and garbanzo beans. Some medications, such as those used after a transplant, decrease the activity of the immune system. Taking alfalfa along with these medications might decrease the effects of these medications.

Our efforts in quality control start with our growers and move through our entire operation. Healthy soils and ecosystems produce a variety of ecosystem services enjoyed by all of society, including carbon sequestration and water retention and filtration. Regenerative land management practices allow farmers and ranchers in grazing animal production to be profitable and good stewards of the land. Alfalfa sprouts contain an amino acid called L-canavanine that can increase inflammation in people with lupus by stimulating the immune system. As a result, people with lupus and similar autoimmune conditions should avoid alfalfa sprouts completely. Because of the low rates of B needed, you should blend the B fertilizer with phosphate and/or potash fertilizers and broadcast for best results.

When Our Gang was filming a scene for the short film comedy “The Big Premiere” at MGM, the scene was the kids showing their own movie on a process screen. The set up of the rear projection system and the lights was taking a long time to set up. “Alfie” decided to use his time by going behind the screen and peeing on the bulbs. For even spitting on those bulbs is tantamount to setting off series of bombs. Everyone was taken off the set, as the crew and the director had to replace the bulbs and clean up the mess that “Alfalfa” had created that day.

Equally the pellets can be left through the day or night to soak. We would suggest a 1 part product to 3 parts water soaking ratio to produce a mash. For most row crop producers in Georgia, corn, cotton and peanut are planted in the spring and harvested in late fall. After harvest, the ground is left relatively bare, with the residue of the harvested crop the only organic material left on the ground. Tucker has worked with many producers in Georgia to incorporate alfalfa into Bermuda grass forage systems, but this research will provide more concrete data to guide producers in establishing and managing alfalfa grasslands.

We supply our customers with the quality products they need, delivered year-round. Pioneering the way for our industry, Anderson Hay has become the premier supplier of forage products to the world. Others cut corners and outsource their shipping to third parties and that’s just not right.

Everything we do, from selecting our ingredients to curating our spaces, is driven by an aspiration for excellence. We believe that those around us deserve to be happy, including our team members, customers, partners, and our broader communities. We strive to continue making the world a happier place through our products, experiences and support of like-minded organizations promoting a happier world.

The hydrophobic water flow method insures seeds won’t move during irrigation and germination. Regenerative agriculture is the key to improving farmland and soil. Regenerative ranching is the process of restoring degraded grazing lands using practices based on ecological principles.

Alfalfa Pellets can be fed dry in snack balls or as healthy treats, but as they are high in fibre they should ideally be fed soaked or with chopped fibre to individuals that bolt their feed. Not all alfalfa hay is really high in potassium, but you have to test it to find out. When purchasing hay, examine a few bales to see if the alfalfa has blooms. “If you always check the hay as you feed it, you can discard those bales or flakes that contain beetles,” says Smith.

Cost of production calculations and net revenue projections can be estimated by crop or by field or farm. The Agricultural Budget Calculator Program is ready to use in modifying or creating your crop budgets for 2022. Learn more atcap.unl.edu/abcor go directly to the ABC program atagbudget.unl.edu. As a child, Switzer, who was born August 7, 1927, entertained people in his hometown of Paris, Illinois, with his singing. On a trip to California to visit relatives, Switzer’s mother took Carl and his brother to the Hal Roach Studios, a film and television production company that launched the careers of comedy legends like Laurel and Hardy.

When incorporating alfalfa into a horse’s diet, plan for the animal’s specific nutritional needs. Your feed salesman, veterinarian, and nutritionist can help you put together a balanced ration and recommend for or against feeding this forage. Even after you’ve selected good hay, it pays to check it for dust, mold, weeds, foreign objects, blister beetles, and dead animals as you feed it. Alfalfa is a good source of nutrients for sport horses, but owners might want to avoid offering it when horses are working hard in hot weather, says Duren.

We export high quality forage to over 100 ports around the world. We take the extra steps that others don’t to protect your food with double-sized oxygen absorbers and ultra-thick, four-layer pouches that we test again and again to ensure quality. If our online product price drops within 30 days of your purchase, we’ll match the lower price, upon request, with an online store credit. Delivery was delayed only because it was in the middle of the tornado outbreak in KY/IL/TN..but was well documented with the usps tracker feature so there was no problem.

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