We have seen the devastation and destruction of families over methamphetamines, especially the illegal homemade “Crystal Meth” drugs made of toxic ingredients. People who use these drugs often get addicted and ruin their lives, betray their friends and family and do anything to continue that high. Buy crystal meth online They say they feel euphoric, heightened awareness, and an incredible sense of taste, touch and feeling. An addicted meth user raves about the effects while on the drug, even as their mirror tells them it’s killing them.

Then there are folks that research this stuff and say it can increase productivity, alertness and be a life saver in severe situations, like in the middle of a war. Regarding productivity and methamphetamine, we do know that the USAF and perhaps other military groups have used a similar theory to keep troops alert. And there are groups studying, as they always have with mind-drugs, the history of this in the us is huge, but somewhat hidden. CIA did lots of studies.

They are always studying something in the neuro-space to get the edge and it is very interesting all the research that has been done on these things. Apparently, there is a real need due to the information overload and need for situational awareness in the battlespace. Of course, there are repercussions, addiction issues, health care issues, all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately, there are side effects to the use of these substances and the consequences are pretty dire and severe.

Granted, one might be able to reason the use of a neuro stimulate in extreme situations, but perhaps we need to consider this more and make any decisions on its use projected for the long term as well as the short term. Please consider this.

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