As a company owner, it can be difficult to grow your business while staying organized. This blog post will go over the many different ways that WEILI global can boost your bottom line by providing washing machine manufacturers for your business!

What is WEILI Global?

WEILI Global is a washing machine manufacturer, They are the first group of professional Chinese manufacturers to use advanced Japanese production technology in the development, production, and sale of top-loading washing machines. The front-loading washing machine factory, which was a rare Front loading specialized production line in China, was officially shut down in 2018. We can now provide OEM/ODM service for washing machines and dryers weighing 2.8kg to 18kg. WEILI has been manufacturing washing machines and dryers for over 40 years.

Benefits of WEILI Global washing machines

Overheating protection: The overflow protection system will activate if the water temperature reaches a preset level.

Automatic outage when Standby/ Power off time is activated: If the washing machine does not receive power for a preset period, it will automatically shut off.

Stainless steel inner drum: This feature guarantees that your clothes come out clean and without any blemishes.

Anti-winding to reduce wear and tear of clothes: This feature helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on your clothes, which ultimately leads to a longer lifespan for your clothes.


WEILI GLOBAL is a reliable washing machine manufacturer that can provide your business with unique high-quality goods and services, allowing you to better meet your customer needs and increase your sales. So don’t hesitate to contact WEILI GLOBAL.

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