A question oft asked by consumers and potential consumers of CBD is ‘why choose CBD capsules? ’. Ultimately, there is no black and white answer to this and it is entirely dependent on the individual. There are so many delivery methods that are coming to light in recent years and so many in the pipeline, that is impossible to make a blanket claim for which is the ‘best delivery method’. It is very much down to the individual.

Although the bioavailability of CBD capsules is slightly less than that of sublingual CBD oil, there are many other reasons why one may choose capsules over oils.

For starters, the main reason is likely convenience. Being a simple capsule, this can easily be incorporated into your daily routine – much like any other daily supplement. CBD capsules are also far more portable than CBD oil. This makes them more convenient for anyone who lives life on-the-go. There is also the absence of worrying about your bottle leaking and staining everything within its vicinity – as has been the case for many users of sublingual CBD oil in tincture form!

Taste can also play a part in the decision-making process when it comes to deciding whether to purchase CBD capsules or sublingual CBD oil. Many people tend to dislike the earthy flavours that inevitably come with CBD oils, whereas CBD capsules are more often than not taste free.best cbd capsule brands reviews  Additionally, dosing can be far easier when using CBD capsules. This is because it is clearly advertised how much CBD is in each capsule and this will be a strictly controlled amount. On the contrary, dosage of CBD oil is very much down to the user themselves, as you control how many drops and the size of the drops that you place under your tongue. This can often be problematic – especially without the aid of a mirror!

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