R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter: the Optimal Choice for Solar Power Systems

Most factories are now trying to save money on their energy bills, whether by switching from traditional fuels to solar power or simply insulating their homes and replacing highly inefficient appliances with more efficient ones. There is a way to cut your costs: the SAJ R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter can help you convert the electricity generated from solar panels into usable electricity. This article will show you the reasons that why there are so many house owners even factories choose SAJ R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter.


SAJ R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter

Users can easily know the status of photovoltaic power generation through the LED display and ring on the SAJ R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter. Unlike other solar inverters, which usually use blinking lights for feedback, SAJ R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter uses a ring display that is always on. That makes it easier for human-device interaction and is intuitively comprehensive.


The Advantages of The R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter


  1. Higher String Current. The high-value PV inverter adopts a 16A current, which is adequate to meet the needs of the market.
  2. More powerful. The inverter supports 1.5 times over-distribution and 1.1 times the AC overload, allowing the inverter to generate more power and be more efficient.
  3. Much safer. Built-in AFCI will automatically cut off the power in the event of a fire, making the PV system safer to operate.
  4. Much durable. Combining the R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter and IP68 intelligent fan can greatly extend the life of the device.




R6 Rooftop Solar Inverter is perfect for real-time monitoring of power generation and consumption, remote maintenance, and intelligent energy management, which helps factories and house owners make smarter decisions about their solar power systems. For more information about the Rooftop Solar Inverter, contact the trustworthy solar inverter suppliers SAJ.






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