During surgery, laparotomy drapes operate as a barrier to maintain a sterile environment, preventing the spread of bacteria and illnesses from the patient to the surrounding region. Laparotomy drapes come in disposable and reusable varieties, depending on the material used. This post will introduce Winner Medical, a reliable manufacturer of disposable laparotomy drape products with clinical testing certification from medical authorities.

The laparotomy drape made by Winner Medical carries some of the qualities listed below.

Reliable and skin-friendly hypoallergenic double-sided adhesive tape are used to secure surgical sheets on patients.

Reduce the time spent spreading out sheets by folding them aseptically. Saving time and achieving the necessary sterility.

The nonwoven materials used in producing Winner Medical’s sterile drapes, including wood pulp spunlace, SMS, SMMS, SMMMS, and SMMS nonwoven, all adhere to national and international standards like YY/T 0506 and ISO 16542. In addition to other liquids, it is effective as a bacterial barrier, has good air permeability, can endure hydrostatic pressure, does not flocculate, and can withstand liquids like blood and alcohol. Also, it is anti-static.

Winner Medical’s non-woven fabric is comfortable, breathable, and light, satisfying the clinical requirements of healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses.

Winner Medical’s sterile drapes with two holes and additional liquid-absorbing material placed in strategic locations to effectively collect exudate

On both sides of the instrument panel, transparent PE film covers the standard curtains. This helps maintain sterility and makes it easier for doctors to conduct their tasks.

Winner Medical made premium laparotomy drapes for surgical use. Visit their official website to find out more specific details.



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